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        HUB CITY™ custom products are technically advanced to meet the specific needs of your unique application.
        Our engineering team offers complete support from design and prototypes to the manufactured unit.


        OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT             b                           SPRAYING EQUIPMENT           j

        •   Used to power hand-held outdoor equipment such as: rubber paddle   •   Operates spray pumps in recreational and
            brooms, nylon bristle brushes & cultivator attachments          commercial vehicles. The spray pumps are
                                                                            run by the low speed output shaft, and the
        FOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY             a                             double extended high speed input shaft
                                                                            transmits power to the vehicle differential
        •   Powers beverage and bottling equipment                      •   Utilizes our standard Model 180, 5:1, gear
        •   Drives fruit and vegetable processors                           design in a special housing
        •   Used in meat and poultry processing plants
        •   Operates vibratory conveyors for the confectionary and baking   MONORAIL DRIVE     h e
            industries                                                  •   Used in monorail and bottling conveyor
        MILITARY APPLICATIONS          c                                •   Ratios: 19.63:1 to 78.52:1

        •   Used in military rocket launchers. It raises and lowers the canister,   •   Manufactured with or without disengage
            which contains the rockets, positioning them for firing         mechanisms
        •   1:1 spiral bevel gearing & 1.53:1 spiral bevel gearing
        •   Special paint  & corrosion protection applied to all exposed surfaces  UTILITY TRUCK APPLICATIONS  f  d
                                                                        •   Used for operating air compressors,
        BOOM ROTATION DRIVES           i                                    pumps, generators, etc.
        •   Used for rotating the main boom in small utility and electrical   •   Manufactured in sizes specific to
            maintenance vehicles                                            application
        •   Spur gear mates with internal or external gear teeth, which are part
            of the main rotation bearing                                CONCRETE GRINDING AND           k
                                                                        FINISHING EQUIPMENT
        •   Manufactured in several sizes and output flange configurations
                                                                        •   Powers the finishing tools for creating
        PACKAGING EQUIPMENT           g                                     desired surface texture

        •   Suitable for production equipment and food processing
                                                                        COOLING TOWER DRIVES          L
        •   Increases production in packaging machinery: shrink wrap & snack
            bagging applications, which crimp, seal and cut snack bags  •   Applications in power plants and
                                                                            high-rise buildings
        •   Manufactured with planetary gearing

                                                                        Contact us with your specific

               b                d                        f           h

                                            e                              g                 i       k
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